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The function of the power adapter

The power adapter is also called the external power supply (switch power adapter), it is the power supply voltage conversion device of a small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances, this i...…

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Dascom Case

Date:2016-07-05 Hits:1848
Dascom Case
Real group was established in 1988, more than 20 years has focused on the printer business. After the successful acquisition of the main assets of the German Tally group, the group has developed into China as the headquarters of the global professional stylus printer research and development, manufacturing and solutions provider. The group's main products, including the independent intellectual property rights of the real brand /Dascom and TallyDascom brand series of needle type printer, series high-speed printer, printer, micro printer, self-service printing equipment and citizen brand micro printer, label printer, bar code printers and other. In the Chinese market, the group's needle printer sales have more than 300 thousand units, the domestic independent brand market share of the first.
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