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Introduction of regulated power adapter

Electronic devices are inseparable from the power adapter. The power adapter supplies the energy required by the electronic device, which determines the importance of the power adapter in the electronic device....…

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Power adapter circuit principle

High frequency power adapter According to the analysis of the internal structure of the power adapter, the power adapter use the working circuit principle of the power adapter. (1) the main circuit 1) the f...…

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Sofo Case

Date:2016-07-05 Hits:3306
Sofo Case
Sofer was founded in 1997, is a collection development, test, production, marketing and service as one of the major health massage equipment professional manufacturing enterprise group. Company to technology as the guide, to the market as the center, to innovation as the driving force for the global market research and development of luxury massage chairs, auto massage pad, fitness equipment, such as the eight series of about 300 products. Products are exported to Europe, North America and Asia and other parts of the world, in the domestic market has also launched the straight battalion, join, TV shopping, online sales and other channels, and the development of the domestic department stores, supermarkets and other mainstream terminal channels.
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