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Introduction of regulated power adapter

Electronic devices are inseparable from the power adapter. The power adapter supplies the energy required by the electronic device, which determines the importance of the power adapter in the electronic device....…

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Power adapter circuit principle

High frequency power adapter According to the analysis of the internal structure of the power adapter, the power adapter use the working circuit principle of the power adapter. (1) the main circuit 1) the f...…

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Changhong Case

Date:2016-07-05 Hits:4515
Changhong Case
Changhong was founded in 1958, the predecessor of the state owned Changhong machine factory is China's "one five" during the 156 key projects, is the only domestic airborne fire control radar production base. From the military a career, TV industrial to multiple development of electronic information, industrial development to black power, white electric, it, communication, service, parts, military and other kinds of categories, has become a set of military, consumer electronics, the core device R & D and manufacturing integrated multinational enterprise group, and positively with global competitiveness of information home appliances content and service providers in advance.
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