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Common Problems about Charger

Date:2016-07-05 Hits:1929
 Common Problems about Charger
A fast charger and quick charger is what is the difference?
The comparison between the two is in fact no sense. In the battery industry, the two types of chargers are not clearly defined. Therefore, manufacturers often confuse them. One problem is that the time of a battery is dependent on the capacity of the charged battery. A need to spend one hour full (180 MAH) section 1 standard capacity AAA Ni Cd battery charger may need 8 hours can be filled with a high capacity Ni MH battery (1500 MAH). The best way is to ignore these differences, a rough calculation of the time the charger is full of batteries.
Two. How long does it take to fill up the battery?
We can easily calculate the time it takes for the charger. With the capacity of the battery, simply divided by the charging efficiency of the charger, and then increased by 20% as invalid working hours. For example, using a charging rate 500mA charger takes about 4 hours can be filled with a 1600mAh battery, the calculation formulas for 1600 mAh/500 Ma x120%. This example may occasionally be applied to the rapid charger for standard 5 nickel metal hydride battery charging situation. Remember, if a battery is only part of the discharge, obviously, we only need to spend less time to be able to fill it up.
If you think this is too complicated, you can use our special battery charge time calculator: You only need to enter the two values on the top of the row on the line. And then by Calculate (calculation), the results will be immediately in the hours (hours) before the window appears.
Three, the use of the charger will damage the battery it (will reduce battery life or reduce the use of the battery effect)?
Yes. The most common failure of charging is the charging time is too long, commonly known as excessive charging. There is a kind of charger is particularly easy to lead to excessive charging, usually charge more than 5 hours (some 8 hours) battery will be scrapped, this charger is the so-called fast charger". The problem with this charger is that there is no charge control device. Most of the fast chargers are usually designed to be very simple, they generally charge at a maximum rate, charging time is relatively fixed, usually 5 or 8 hours is full of. Then, you should put them off, or to slow trickle charging rate. If you use the charger correctly, it usually does not have much damage to the battery. Without proper use, the battery will be reduced in two ways.