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The function of the power adapter

The power adapter is also called the external power supply (switch power adapter), it is the power supply voltage conversion device of a small portable electronic equipment and electronic appliances, this i...…

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Analysis of common failures and solutions for power adapter manufacturers

Date:2016-07-05 Hits:1845
Analysis of common failures and solutions for power adapter manufacturers
Power adapter in the computer system plays the role of the source of power, it's normal work or not, is the entire computer system is the key to the normal operation of the premise. But in the daily maintenance of the computer room, it is found that the power adapter and other computer components, there will be a variety of faults. This article will introduce the general method to judge the power failure, and combined with several specific fault examples, to introduce the specific analysis and processing methods.
Now computers generally use ATX power adapter, when the system fails, it should be from the BIOS, the power adapter itself and the motherboard and other aspects of a comprehensive analysis. According to the principle of computer maintenance "after the first soft hard", we should first check the BIOS settings are correct, ruled out due to improper setting of false failure; the second step, check the ATX power supply is normal; the third step, check the motherboard power monitor and control circuit is normal.
To determine whether the normal power adapter, power is removed, (such as a hard disk, etc.) equipment with a scrap of false load, so as to avoid the no-load protection. Between the PS-ON signal line (green) and the ground wire access to a 100 ~ 150 of the resistance, so that the signal into a low level. If the power can work, indicating the fault in the motherboard or BIOS settings, otherwise the fault in the power supply itself.