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2018 Price Adjustment Announcement

Date:2018-01-29 Hits:716
2018 Price Adjustment Announcement

2018 Price Adjustment Announcement

       In recent years, mainland China has promoted economic transformation with Supply-side Structural Reform as their economic development focus. In addition, strict environmental protection laws and regulations have imbalanced many aspects of the global supply chain. This includes shortages of key components, a continuous rise in the cost of raw materials and changes in the workforce along with labor conditions. In 2017, GVE faced unprecedented pressure and challenges in terms of capacity adjustment as well as cost control. However, with the full support of all GVE employees and supply partners, we were able to successfully overcome these obstacles. During this difficult period, we not only managed to self-absorb costs, but also invested in production line automation to improve production efficiency.


      At present, the global supply of raw materials along with many key components are still in a precarious situation. Thus on January 1, 2018, GVE decided to raise the prices of our old-generation products which will be permanently phased out (GM150, GM35, GM26, GM50, etc) in the near future along with some higher-level products by 5-10% to reflect changes in raw material costs and to accumulate the energy of sustainable growth. In the meantime, we expect to speed up the replacement of old-generation products. In this way, we can, in the long term, improve our overall brand image by introducing newly designed products with better cost-performance ratio. In addition, the new products has continued acquiring more global certifications (UL/CUL/TUV/CCC/BIS/KC/SAA/PSE) and they have also fully achieved automatic production. This provides us with excellent cost performance and market competitiveness. However, due to very high demands resulted in a current supply shortage, there is a limit of 100 pieces for each order.

      In order to maintain the competitiveness of sustainable operation, GVE will continue enhancing its brand image and product quality, along with improving the efficiency of its technical services and customer service experience. We will also continue expanding production capability and optimizing manufacturing procedures to shorten lead time, as well as accelerating the launching of next-generation niche products and promoting the replacement of old-generation products, so we can provide the best P(Product), Q(Quality), C(Cost), D(Delivery), S(Service), R(Reliable Relationship) and become your long term reliable power partner!


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