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Power adapter manufacturers teach you how to contribute to environmental protection?

Date:2018-02-28 Hits:802
Power adapter manufacturers teach you how to contribute to environmental protection?

Power adapter manufacturers teach you how to contribute to environmental protection?

Unplug the unused power adapter.

Low-carbon life, start from a small thing! The big desk on the computer desk is full of sockets. Each time the lights go off, there's always a power adapter that lights up on a dark desktop. Are you used to unplug the unused power adapter, have you ever thought of these idle power adapter consume energy in vain?

Power adapter (power adapter) is a small portable electronic devices and electronic power supply power conversion equipment, generally composed by the shell, transformers, inductors, capacitors, control IC, PCB board and other components, its working principle from AC input to DC Output; According to the connection can be divided into wall-mounted and desktop. Widely supporting in security cameras, set-top boxes, routers, light bar, massage devices and other equipment.
     You might think that power adapters such as cell phones and digital cameras consume only a few watts of power even when working, let alone stand by. But I saw a power adapter total energy meter, the number really surprised me.
     Cell phone charging power consumes about 4W, power adapter standby power consumption 0.5W (really not much smaller than the light bulb). A typical user may charge up to 7 hours a week, and the adapter will wait 161 hours without unplugging the power adapter. Accounting to the annual, cell phone charging will consume 1.456 kW.h, while standby will consume 4.186 kW.h. According to the current price of 0.48 yuan per kilowatt-hour, each power adapter is busy for one year and the ineffective standby consumes you 2 dollars more. But from a global perspective, these inefficiencies are a staggering figure. In 2009, the global handset sales volume was about 1.21 billion units. If 10% of users do not use the power adapter, it will consume 500 million kilowatt-hours annually, or about 240 million yuan. If you add digital cameras, MP3 / MP4, camcorders, laptops, etc. A bunch of power adapters that are always plugged into the patch panel, or 10% estimate, the total standby power consumption will reach about 1 billion degrees !
     100 million kw.h electricity! The 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity is enough to support the electricity consumption of about 1 million typical Chinese households, which, if converted to carbon emissions, will add 7.85 million tons of carbon dioxide and require about 8.2 million trees to absorb. However, these are just the tip of the iceberg. The standby power consumption of TVs, DVD players, set-top boxes and other products is usually less than 1W, and very few people have the habit of completely turning off the power of these audio-visual products, most of which are used to shut down standby mode.

Support low-carbon life, start from a small thing, the home wiring board are replaced with a switch, to develop the habit of turning off the power at any time.


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