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GVE brand cost-effective ac dc adapter United States Europe 42-252W energy efficiency level six

Date:2018-04-25 Hits:858
GVE brand cost-effective ac dc adapter United States Europe 42-252W energy efficiency level six

GVE brand cost-effective ac dc adapter United States Europe 42-252W energy efficiency level six


         Healthy life, low-carbon life. New ideas are changing people’s behavior and affecting the manufacture of products including water purification industry. ( Guanyuda professional power supply for RO manufacturers)


         o n October 13-16, 2017, the 8th China International Water Technology Exhibition was held in Beijing, China International Exhibition Center (new hall). Many water purification companies brought the latest products and technologies to the show. The number of professional industry sellers has reached new heights. At the exhibition, many social media held high-level interviews with business leaders at the show to lead everyone into the most realistic exhibition site and learn about the latest industry news.


         Our company representatives Mr. Hu Yuejin was interviewed with reporters and expressed his own opinions on the exhibition and the corporate development.


         As we all know, water purifiers machine that need to be powered on are inseparable from the support of switching power supplies. After many consumers have installed them, they are kept on electricity for 24 hours, which will cause a certain amount of electricity consumption. According to Mr. Hu Yuejin, our chief engineer, in the interview, Guanyuda focused on energy efficiency in the development of new products. All of the products were improved according to the US standard of energy efficiency VI, that is, energy consumption in the case of water purifiers standby must within 0.3W. In addition, the water purifier is a product that deals with water, and the power supply is an essential product for the conversion of AC to DC power, and is prone to water ingress problems. Through two years of practice, Guanyuda added the sealing rubber gasket to the power supply to enable the power supply product to work even if it was soaked in water, which greatly reduced the defective rate of the water purifier product. Because of these two improvements, Guanyuda's advantages have become more prominent in the industry.


          In addition, the strength of our Guanyuda power supply lies in its strong R&D capabilities. Many people in the industry know that the first water purifier power supply in the water purifying industry is developed by Guanyuda. As the leader in the industry, our company has increased investment in R&D and continuously put new standards and new technologies into the power supply technology. The reliability of power supplies is getting higher and higher, and energy consumption is getting lower and lower. This is also what GVE wants to keep.


          Mr. Hu Yuejin believes that the future water purification market is a cost-effective competition. Therefore, Guanyuda must make two preparations: In the company's overall output planning, for further expansion, Guanyuda has now added 7,000 square meters of factory buildings to meet the industry's explosive full length. In addition, Guanyuda continuously optimizes its cost, and optimizes the best price/performance ratio. It strives to become the best power supply company with the best quality, the best technology, the strongest R&D capability, and the highest cost performance.


          At present, all of Guanyuda's products have obtained CCC, CE, UL, TUV-GS, EMC, PSE, KETI, KC, SAA, BIS, CUL, FCC certification.

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