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Power adapter withstand voltage test

Date:2018-05-19 Hits:764
Power adapter withstand voltage test

Power adapter withstand voltage test


    The voltage withstand test is to apply a high voltage several times the rated operating voltage between the live parts of the tested power adapter and the primary and secondary circuits of the enclosure to verify that the live parts of the power adapter have grounding or insulation breakdown. Let's share with you today how the pressure test of the power adapter manufacturer works.


    Required Equipment: High Voltage Meter, Test Stand, Test Cable

Test specifications:

1. HI-POT: input 3000Vac, test time 3S. Leakage current <5mA;

2.IR: Input 500Vdc, test time 1S, insulation resistance >100MΩ

    Preparation before operation:

1. Insulation rubber in the work area;                                        

2. Read the job instruction book, specify the job content of the job, and prepare the tools to be used. The ME technician shall set up the equipment and commission it, and work under the guidance of the technician.

3, before the operation, testing equipment with OK samples and NG sample to check weather it can be used normally;

   Operation steps: Retrieval inspection: take the product with aging OK, check the surface of the shell is clean without scratches, dirt, shrink, white and other bad, AC pin metal copper parts is not exposed;


   1 Check that the high pressure machine and the test fixture are connected correctly as shown on the left. Remove the product from the PE bag, place the PE bag in the recovery box, insert the AC pin of the product into the AC socket of the fixture, and insert the test board of the load board. In the USB socket of the product; after confirming that the product is in good contact with the test fixture, press the test button to start the test;               


   2 During the test, the display of the high voltage meter was tested according to the set procedure, and the data was changed. Hear a “beep” and the green light was a good product. If it is a continuous alarm sound and the red light is on, it is a defective product. Labeling is clearly isolated and recorded in the bad report;                                     

. Visual inspection line:

   After the test is completed, the test cable is pulled out in order to take out the product, and the defective product is marked into the plastic box. The good product is put into the assembly line in the flow direction and flows into the next process.

In this way, the withstand voltage test of the power adapter is completed.

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