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Guanyuda Power Co., Ltd. Management Cadre Training Activities

Date:2018-08-11 Hits:1483
Guanyuda Power Co., Ltd. Management Cadre Training Activities

Guanyuda Power Co., Ltd. Management Cadre Training Activities

In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of all management cadres of Guanyuda Power Co., Ltd., cultivate the sense of responsibility of all staff, enhance the team's cohesiveness and team spirit, and create a high-quality team that is “speakable and must do”. On July 28, 2018, Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Power Co., Ltd. launched a training team for the excellent team of management cadres. The event was attended by 46 management cadres from various departments.


At the beginning of the training, under the guidance of the liberation coach, the participants were divided into three groups, and started a series of activities such as team name, slogan, team flag, team display, etc. This kind of “melting ice link” quickly integrated colleagues from different departments and laid the foundation for creating a harmonious and harmonious team atmosphere.


The first team Team name: Daren team


The second team Team name: Champion team


The third team Team name: Yaowei team


Under the learning arrangement of the “liberation” coach, the event carried out a number of projects in turn. All the participants in the activity devoted themselves to the competition. The group to group conducted PK learning, summed up the reasons from the failure, broke the imprisonment, and emancipated the mind, refining method allows each participant to motivate potential, make more impossible possibilities, achieve personal abilities, and improve team abilities.

The same piece of iron can be cut and melted, or it can be made into steel. The same team can be ignorant or can achieve great cause. Through this expansion activity, we have enhanced our understanding of the strength of the team and felt the importance of communication, cooperation, cohesion, innovation, institutionalization and standardization, and promoted the sense of belonging to the big family of Guanyuda Power Co., Ltd. It shows the spirit of Guanyuda's solidarity and mutual help and continuous learning. It is believed that in the future work, all Guanyuda people will continue to adhere to the enterprise spirit of “solidarity, sincerity, enterprising and self-discipline” and adhere to the quality policy of “customer-centered, full participation and continuous improvement”. For the company philosophy of "To serve our customers with smiles, to achive the well-being of all staff and make contributing to the society", we will continue to work hard, come on, all Guanyuda partners!

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