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Electromagnetic compatibility problem of the power adapter

Date:2018-10-30 Hits:863
Electromagnetic compatibility problem of the power adapter

Basic concept of electromagnetic compatibility

Guanyuda gve ac dc adapter manufacturers will first introduce the electromagnetic compatibility of the ac dc power adapter.

        According to the definition given in the national standard GB/T4365-2003 "Electrical Terminology Electromagnetic Compatibility", electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) means that the device or system can work normally in its electromagnetic environment and does not constitute an unacceptable electromagnetic force to anything in the environment.

        Interpreting this definition, we can find that the electromagnetic compatibility of a device includes two aspects. First, it can work normally in the electromagnetic environment, so it needs to have sufficient resistance to electromagnetic disturbance in the environment. This is called the sensitivity of the device(Susceptibility); on the other hand, the electromagnetic disturbance generated by the device should not be too strong to avoid interference with other devices in the same environment. This is called the electromagnetic emission (Emission) of the device. Combining the above two aspects, a device with good electromagnetic compatibility should have sufficiently low electromagnetic sensitivity and sufficiently low emission intensity.

   The two terms that need to be mentioned here are “electromagnetic disturbance” and “electromagnetic interference”. It is known from the standard that electromagnetic disturbance refers to Electromagnetic phenomena cause by the performance of the device, equipment or system to be reduced or to produce animate or inanimate matter. and electromagnetic interference refers to "the degradation of the performance of equipment, transmission channels or systems caused by electromagnetic disturbances". Therefore, electromagnetic disturbance refers to the electromagnetic signal itself that causes interference, and electromagnetic interference refers to the result.

   The formation of electromagnetic interference requires three elements, which are indispensable. Electromagnetic compatibility design starts from these three aspects, either to reduce the intensity of the disturbance source, or to reduce the sensitivity of the interfered object, and to block the propagation path to eliminate the interference phenomenon

   The electromagnetic compatibility design of electrical and electronic devices is mainly to improve the anti-interference ability (reduce the electromagnetic sensitivity) and reduce the electromagnetic emission, but the degree is different. Some devices generate strong interference, but are not easy to be interfered by external interference. However, it affects normal work, and some of them hardly cause interference, but they are particularly vulnerable to interference and abnormalities. Power adapter This kind of equipment is generally the former. Therefore, the most important task in the EMC design of the power adapter is to take various measures to reduce its emission intensity to meet the limits of relevant standards. On the other hand, under strong external interference conditions, the control, protection and drive circuits of the power adapter may also deviate from the normal operating point, malfunction or even abnormal damage, so the anti-interference performance is also issues to consider in the design. 

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