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What issues should I pay attention to when using the power adapter?

Date:2018-12-06 Hits:992
What issues should I pay attention to when using the power adapter?
   Regarding the power adapter, there are applications for various appliances in our lives. This is a facility that can provide voltage conversion for electronic appliances and portable electronic devices. It can convert the high voltage of 220 volts in the home into a general electronic product. The need for a stable low voltage allows the electronics to work properly. So what issues do we need to pay attention to when using the ac dc adapter?

1, Should not use adapters with insufficient voltage and current

    This is similar to the first one in which the battery pack is contraindicated, but here is from the perspective of the whole machine. Nowadays, the configuration of laptops is getting higher and higher, and the power consumption is also rising. Especially the high-frequency P4-M machines consume a lot of power. Once the voltage and current of the power adapter are insufficient, it is easy to cause the screen to flicker and the hard disk bad sectors. The battery can't be filled and there is no problem such as crashing.

    If you are used to removing the battery and plugging it into the power supply, it is more likely to cause damage. The most terrible thing is that these problems do not appear immediately, but only after a period of time. When the problem occurs, it has often toally broken down.
    In addition, when the current and voltage of the power adapter are insufficient, the line load may be aggravated, and the heat of the machine is inversely larger than usual, which is unfavorable for the life of the notebook computer.

2, Avoid falling, flooding

    For the portability of the laptop's power adapter, the internal structure is very compact. Although it is not as fragile as the battery, it should also avoid impact and drop. The author himself has once used a power adapter that has been dropped, causing a trip in the home. Later, it was found during maintenance. The internal circuit has short cut.
    As for flooding, because most of the power is placed on the ground, it is often discovered after flooding, so it should be developed into good habits. First plug in the terminal and plug the plug into the laptop, and try not to put the power directly on the ground. And put it where you can see it.

3, Avoid bad heat

    Many people pay attention to the cooling of the notebook itself, but the power adapter is rarely concerned. In fact, the power adapter of many machines is not inferior to the notebook, so be careful not to cover it with clothes and newspapers, and put it in a well ventilated place.

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