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How is the mobile phone charger fast charge defined?

Date:2019-03-26 Hits:544
How is the mobile phone charger fast charge defined?

In people's minds, fast charge is a charger that can charge a mobile phone quickly. The sooner the better, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. In theory, there is nothing wrong. The sooner the better, the fast charge, it is defined like this, but the facts, Not so, what kind of charger is fast charging? How should fast charge give it a definition?

Fast charging is an abbreviation of the fast charger that people often say. Understanding the meaning of fast charging is not as simple as people think. Fast charging is relative to the battery capacity of some mobile phones. Factors, one is the capacity of the mobile phone battery itself, different mobile phones, different mobile phone brands, the battery capacity inside the mobile phone is not the same, although it is 5V output voltage, it can also charge, if you choose the output current incorrectly, it will not Matching and better fast charging, of course, some people want to charge the phone faster, so they choose 2.1A or 3A or more of the output current charger, in fact, they do not know, so blindly choose the mobile phone charger is actually Indirect damage to the phone's battery, the average cell phone current can be used around 1A, is also the best choice.

Some people bought a suitable charger, but bought a bad data cable, the result is slow charging, and the phone get hot, thinking that the charger is not working, and other chargers, but never expected In fact, the data cable has a greater impact on the speed of charging the mobile phone than charger. Whoever makes the market so confusing, both in terms of price and quality, is extremely chaotic, and the layman does not know it at all, so often buy quality. Bad things.

Therefore, the definition of mobile phone charger fast charge has many factors. If you want a better choice, you have to look at the charger manufacturer's article, but the most important thing is to understand the practical significance of the charger fast charge is more important. 

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