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GVE Tell you What power supply is composed of

Date:2019-04-08 Hits:458
GVE Tell you What power supply is composed of
GVE Tell you What power supply is composed of

Foshan Shunde Guanyuda Power Supply Co.,Ltd is professional manufacturer for power supply with more than 20 years experience,with high quality and strong R&D team.,and the Power supply could be applied in led, CCTV camera,RO waterproof power supply and Electronics industry(such as router power supply,monitor power supply,medical power supply,vehicle recorder etc.)

Basic accessorypart to combined a power supply is below:

1>The switch transformer-------one of the central part in a power supply.

2>VDR(voltage dependent resistor)---protecting the circuit from damage.

3>Inductive Coil--- reducing the magnetic disturbing.

4>Rectifier bridge(D3SB)- --transferring the voltage 220V to DC.

5>Filter Capacitor(180μF/400V)---reducing the DC ripple with a more reliable circuit.

6>IC--themost important part to maintain circuit and voltage adjustment.

7>Fuse-protecting other electronic components for over-current/voltage.

8>Switchtube--it is one of central parts in switching power supply.

9>Secondary filter capacitor-820μF/ 25V

One Switching power supply contains above components, and there are some others capacitor &component on PCB board.

10>Secondary rectifier tube-transferring the related voltage to low voltage DC.

11> temperature probe-detecting the internal temperature of the power supply, and protecting thepower supply from being damaged.

Above is thebasic component and details information for a power supply. If you have any good suggestions or anyrequirements, just contact GVE at any time.We will do our best to help you.

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