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The difference between UPS and EPS power supply

Date:2019-04-17 Hits:291
The difference between UPS and EPS power supply
1) the difference between UPS and EPS output
  UPS power supply is primarily aimed at computer and network equipment , the nature of low load , the current provisions of the UPS output power factor of 0.8 . The EPS is mainly used for power emergency support , the nature of the load is usually inductive or capacitive . Some loads are put into use after the required power , all EPS great impact must be able to provide current, typically requires at 120% load conditions can continue to supply more than 10 minutes . The rated capacity in KVA UPS units , EPS rated capacity in KW units .

2 ) function of the difference between UPS and EPS
  EPS and UPS all have mains bypass and inverter circuit, but has only continued to supply EPS function , less demanding on the inverter switching time , most EPS also has a battery monomer detection. EPS power interruption in the city only after the inverter output , computer utilization.
  The UPS generally emphasize its three major functions: mains power frequency stabilization and regulator treatment; switching time demanding for equipment supply ; purifying mains . Focuses on the daily double rectifier and inverter power conversion circuits , power efficiency is not high. But not just UPS inverter when power supply, can also occur in the mains voltage deviation large , stable power output surges and other unusual circumstances, which is not available in EPS .

3) UPS and EPS in the range of applications of different
  EPS is mainly used for fire and some less demanding class load switching time , but requires continuous power supply equipment.

  UPS is mainly used in computers, digital information systems requiring high quality power supply load .

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