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252W (PFC) high quality power adapter (GVE brand)
  • 252W (PFC) high quality power adapter (GVE brand)
  • 252W (PFC) high quality power adapter (GVE brand)

GVE-101% Assured Good Power

252W  adapter basic information


Technical information

input volte 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 
input current 3.5A
output volte range ±5%
Energy Efficiency complied with V level


The calculated MTBF shall be 50K hours of continuous operation at 25℃, maximum load and normal voltage

shell size: 196.0mm (L) ;  95.0mm (W) ;40.0mm (H)


Safety standards



Operating temperature 0℃-35℃
Storage temperature -20℃-80℃


output data







“XXX=volte YYY=ampere ”)
















Nomal SPEC :12V15A|24V7.5A|36V5A|48V3.75A


252W picture